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To The Mountains

April 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

One of my March goals was to document our recent trip to Gatlinburg with friends! This wasn’t just any trip, but quite an epic adventure… 7 families. 1 house. 14 adults. 15 children under the age of 5. To top it off, 5 of those were babies not yet a year old. We made lots of memories, starting with a trip to the farm on our way to the mountains. Out at the farm we rode four wheelers, did some shooting, ate together, rode a horse, played some fun games, and caught a whole bunch of catfish. It was a blast! Once we made it to the mountains, we enjoyed some sun, rain, and even snow! Fun times were had by all. I used this trip as a chance to practice some documentary-style and lifestyle photography as I worked to simply capture the story of the weekend! Hope you enjoy a brief snapshot of our mountain adventure!

Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5748 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5743 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5746
Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5763 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5774 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5793 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5820 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5835 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5844 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5846 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5872 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5890 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5921 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5940 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5948 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-5989 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6005 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6032 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6051 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6463 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6164 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6126 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6060 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6085 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6089 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6090 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6101 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6123
Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6146 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6149

Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6153 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6158
Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6174 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6210 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6248 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6251 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6276 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6297 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6347 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6457 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6460
Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6476 Teasley_Photography-Mountains-6478





We had the chance to go to Yosemite over Christmas and it was absolutely beautiful! An incredible display of God’s glory… from the bluest of skies to the vast mountains to the soft white snow everywhere. I loved every minute of it! Here are some of my favorites:

Yosemite-4 This wolf walked right up to our car! Unbelievable! Continue Reading…

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