A Powder Puff Birthday Party

March 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

Madison turned 2! I loved photographing this fun birthday party for a sweet family whom we love. They did such a great job with all the fun decorations. You’ll quickly notice a powder puff football theme, complete with lots of football details. Party guests even wore their favorite football or sports jerseys to the party. I think my favorite detail was the “ruff-fur-ee” who you’ll see below!

Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8570 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8577 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8579 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8589 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8595 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8597 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8601 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8634 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8643 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8645 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8652 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8685 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8773 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8952 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-8964 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-9009 Teasley_Photography_Powderpuff_Bday-9026

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