Nic and Rachel | Engaged

December 18, 2012 — 1 Comment


I was so excited that we got to do these engagement photos with Nic and Rachel in Birmingham. We went to Ross Bridge Park for our engagement session… I provided the camera, Nic Teasley provided some awkward moment laughs, and of course Nic & Rachel brought us all a ton of their own fun and laughter. We were especially glad they brought along Zeke, Nic’s (soon to be their) toy Aussie (and a personal friend of our own pup, Bear). Needless to say, we had a blast! No “contrived love” here… just crazy, fun, excited-about-marriage-and-life-together, head-over-heels true love! We couldn’t be happier for these two. 

NicRachel-2 NicRachel-2466 NicRachel-2479 NicRachel-2541 NicRachel-2548 NicRachel-2560 NicRachel-2588 NicRachel-2609 NicRachel-2621 NicRachel-2670 NicRachel-2734 NicRachel-2747 NicRachel-2761 NicRachel-2778 NicRachel-2807 NicRachel-2817 NicRachel-2821 NicRachel-2849 NicRachel-2897 NicRachel-2921

Nic and Rachel, we are thrilled for y’all to experience the journey and blessing of marriage. We are so looking forward to your wedding this summer!

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