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I’m excited to start a new and probably sporadic, series on the blog! It’s called “Meet My Friend…” and will showcase some of the amazing people the Lord has placed in my life! I seriously have some incredibly talented friends who are doing amazing things. A few of them even trust me enough to hire me, which is such a blessing! Chandra is a friend I met through Making Things Happen last Spring. I’m so blessed to know her, and am amazed at her talent. I’ll let her share a little about what she does, and I’ll share some images I took of her and her work!


Meredith: Tell everyone a little about yourself… you family, background, what fires you up!

Chandra: I’m originally a Midwest gal being born and raised in small town Ohio.  I met my now husband Eric at Miami University (we’re “Miami Mergers”) and we headed south to Nashville so I could attend graduate school at Vanderbilt.  We’ve lived here 7 years now and have a sweet (almost) 2 year old southern gentleman named Lincoln.  My family definitely lights my heart on fire.  But second to that is my passion for education, encouraging other teachers in the profession and a really good food truck (hello to the Grilled Cheeserie!)

M: What is C Jayne Teach?

Chandra: C. Jayne Teach is a blog and a shop intended to give a fresh perspective to our seasoned profession by encouraging all teachers to work hard, organize their plans and processes and focus on making the most out of their time in the classroom.   I want to inspire teachers to concentrate on the passion that called them to teach in the first place and use that fuel to inspire their students and the future young minds of the world. C. Jayne Teach is there to offer simple classroom solutions so teachers can focus more on what matters most to them and always make each day count.


Meredith: What made you decide to start an online shop for teachers?

Chandra: I used to spend every evening and every weekend in my classroom.  Honestly it burnt me out and made me not want to teach anymore (and I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was 8).  So I started to create products and classroom solutions for myself to use in order to organize and focus my time in the classroom.  That way I could go home and spend time with my family and feel refreshed when I’d head back in the morning.  After Lincoln was born I wanted to offer these solutions to teachers everywhere, so I created my shop and blog!

Meredith: Where do you get your inspiration for new designs and products?

Chandra: Most of it was created when I was in the classroom as a first grade teacher.  But new things are always being created because I now teach at the collegiate level and I see the need products that will serve new teachers entering into the profession.  There is a need now more than ever for teachers to stay focused because things are constantly changing and the level of accountability gets higher and higher each year.



Meredith: What sets your products apart? What makes them unique?

Chandra: All of my products are created by a teacher for teachers.  I constantly receive positive feedback from teachers that use these products in their classroom and say that “finally someone gets it”.  Because I’ve been there.  I’ve felt the pressure of the profession and figured out how to be good and your job and still fill your heart up with your family and friends in your free time.  And now I’m sharing it with others. For example, I created the Teacher Anchor™.  It’s a planning system for teachers that allows them to streamline their processes and procedures, plan for all their students and monitor each student as an individual at the same time.  There’s nothing like that on the market like that.  Sure, there are hundreds of lesson planners, but none that are a “system” focused on the sole purpose of being intentional with your time. And that’s invaluable. Teachers see that and the Anchors flew off the shelf last year. They sold out in just under six weeks and I expect that time period to be even faster this year (pre-orders are open right now!)


Meredith: What are some of your favorite things to do with your family?

Chandra: I love to soak up time exploring Nashville.  This is such a wonderful city and I know we won’t be here forever (Ohio calls our name louder and louder each year).  But for now I love to visit the zoo and the botanical gardens and watch Lincoln explore and learn new things.  And when we can sneak out for a date night, Eric and I love to visit new restaurants or see a concert at the Ryman.  There is just so much to do here and I love exploring it all.

Meredith: What one piece of advice would you offer to new moms?
Chandra: You are doing a great job. And not every day will be perfect. That’s okay. I’m sure you’ve heard that “the days are long but the years are short” and it couldn’t be more true. There are joys and challenges with every season but you’ve got this.
TeasleyPhotography-CJayneTeach-7563 TeasleyPhotography-CJayneTeach-7657
Meredith: What advice would you give to new business owners or people who want to start their own business?

Chandra:  “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”  So often we see fancy websites and expensive collateral but try not to get caught up in that.  Figure out where you want to invest your money and your time and go from there.  You can’t do it all at once, but as your business grows, you’ll be able to add products or services or even those pretty letterpress business cards you want.  But for now just start and don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Also, seek out and learn from as many entrepreneurs as you can.  Take a webinar, visit a workshop, but learn from others (and pay them to share their knowledge – seriously, no one wants to give away their intellectual property for free! :))  I’ve learned the most about my business from people who have walked this path before me.  And it’s been so beneficial.


And aren’t her resources for teachers just incredible and beautiful? I’ll never forget Chandra coming to visit me at my house just a couple of weeks after giving birth to Rachel. She shared those words, “You’re doing a great job,” and that simple phrase meant the world to me as a brand new mom! I’m so thankful for her wisdom as a mom herself and fellow business owner. She is working hard to make life happen and focus on what matters most. So excited about what my friends like Chandra are making happen! Now, go check out her work!

I’m so thrilled that Victoria blogged about our trip to the Southern Living Idea House last weekend! Did you know that this gorgeous home is in Nashville? If you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth a visit! We had a wonderful time touring the property and taking in all the home design goodness. Click the image below to check out the post and see all the photos! While you’re there, check out Victoria’s fun blog… full of beautiful home decor, tidbits of Strader newlywed life, and even some great financial wisdom!

Nashville Photography Teasley Happily Ever Strader

And the winner is…

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Thanks to all who entered our little contest! We appreciate all the comment love and sharing on Facebook and Pinterest. To say thanks, we have a special treat for each of you! But first…

comment #23, Kristen P.



We had the chance to go to Yosemite over Christmas and it was absolutely beautiful! An incredible display of God’s glory… from the bluest of skies to the vast mountains to the soft white snow everywhere. I loved every minute of it! Here are some of my favorites:

Yosemite-4 This wolf walked right up to our car! Unbelievable! Continue Reading…

There are a few props that I LOVE to use when photographing kids. Some of these are better used in everyday life… including the one I’m going to tell you about today… it’s a personalized toy cart! A friend of Teasley Photography, COACH ECHOLS, custom makes each of these carts, with reclaimed wood and wheels. They are super sturdy, have a great antique look, and can be customized with a child’s name and even their birthday! These make the perfect personalized and original baby gift, or birthday gift. Store books, toys, or babies :) inside. I even saw a post recently with a similar cart storing firewood beside the mantle!  Personalized Toy Cart See more photos, specs, and order your own at While you’re there, check out some other custom-made gifts from reclaimed wood. Comment and let us know how you would use your personalized toy cart!


Photos: January 16-29

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January 16 – Sock Monkey Birthday Inspiration for Kristen

January 19 – CentriKid Writer’s Conference

January 20 – Our awesome Bible Study writers

January 21 – A fun day with Jenna Grace

January 22 – Capturing JG’s 1st Birthday Party

January 23 – Made my day…it’s the little things sometimes.

January 25 – Hubby’s remedy for my cold… packed in my lunch!

January 26 – The CentriKid Camps Booth @ VBS Preview

January 27 – A little game of 4 corners

January 28 – Fun coloring sheets

January 29 – Editing fun photos from the weekend

Photos: January 1-15

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I decided to tackle a big photo project this year… taking a photo a day to remember the year! It’s definitely been tough to this point — trying to be creative, trying to remember to pull out my camera or phone and actually shoot, trying to put it all together in one place.

I’m calling it Project 365. Yes, this is a leap year, but I’m still calling it 365. Sorry.

My goals for this are to take more pictures, post more pictures, find photo opportunities in the everyday, and improve on iPhone pictures. Here are my pics from weeks 1 and 2.

January 1 – Trespassing

January 2 – Breakfast in Bed… my last day of vacation!

January 3 – Rook with friends

January 4 – Ticket to Ride delivered

January 6 – On the phone

January 8 – Cake Smash

A painting for a nursery

January 11 – A painting for a nursery

January 12 – A baby shower banner

January 13 – Oreo balls

January 14 – Hosting a baby shower

Editing photos of a Friday the 13th spy-themed 13th birthday party



This weekend I hosted my first baby shower in my home, and actually the first big event since we bought our house back in the summer. I wrote an article several months back about hosting a baby shower, but had never actually done it until this weekend.

The theme was “Books and Blessings,” and we encouraged everyone to bring a book for baby, since mom is a teacher! She acquired quite the collection of books. We went with a pink color scheme, since she’s having a little girl. Thanks to Pinterest, I had tons of ideas for decorating.

A little bit of everything... food, decorations, etc.


On the mantle, I covered more books in baby-themed scrapbook paper... and placed borrowed baby shoes on top!

The Front Entry Table... with a baby picture of mom and a framed invitation. I covered the books with scrapbook paper.

The Mantle (before I finished securing the banner letters)

In the dining room, we hung baby pictures of the new mom... converted to B&W and placed on baby-themed scrapbook paper, secured with ribbon.

The super cute diaper cake (made by another hostess's daughter), along with oreo pops... I put hershey kisses in mason jars, and then set the oreo pops inside.

I made a "blessings board" and had each person write a note, prayer, or blessing for mom and baby! We did this before serving food, to make sure everyone took part. Then, we pinned the notes to the board.

These dolls were a sweet homemade gift... I had to post a pic!

Using scrapbook letters, I made a book basket. We set this beside the expecting mom as she opened gifts... each time she received a book, she added it to the collection!

Last week, I got the chance to hang out with this fun family and shoot some photos of their extended family… something I haven’t done much. It was a chilly morning at Percy Warner Park, but we and fun and they were great sports! Here are some of my favorites…

This year, Christmas was quite a change for us… we were home for the entire holiday and everyone came to town. It was great! I loved getting to host, getting to be at home, and of course getting to spend tons of time with family. For my parents, Jeff & Brittany, Nic & me, most of our time was spent watching Jenna G enjoy her first Christmas. Nana and Granddaddy had a fun time running around and keeping up with her. We took Nana and Granddaddy to see the Rockettes at the Grand Ole Opry, which was a ton of fun, too!

I didn’t take many pictures this past week, since we spent a lot of time looking at houses and property with Dave and Nancy… and uncovering house mysteries along the way! We did a photo shoot that I’ll post about tomorrow, and ate at Lovelace Cafe. We also played a LOT of Ticket to Ride and completed a few house projects here and there.

I may have dropped the ball big time with my #reverb11 posts, but oh well. It’s been more fun getting ready for family and then hosting them all. Thanks to everyone who helped make our first Christmas in our new home so much fun! Looking forward to 2012 and all that it has in store. New year goals are in full swing in just a few short days!

Check out some of my favorite snapshots from our time with “The May Jr’s” as they like to be called! :)

Day 4 and Day 5, here we go!

When did I struggle in 2011? 
I struggled a lot at different times this year…
Physically, I struggled through the Warrior Dash in September… since I had not exactly trained for it.
Financially, I struggled with our decision to build or buy a house… I also struggled with patience as we tried to pay off the last of our debts.
Mentally, I struggled with balancing work/home, figuring out coding on my blog, and other nerdy things.

What did I discover? 
I discovered a new love for photography this year… and actually worked to learn, study, read, and practice. It’s been a blast! I’m hoping to do even more with this in 2012.








#BabyMadison photo shoot

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Who ever thought I’d be acting as a baby photographer doing fun photo shoots with my friends’ kids?!?! This is the latest baby photo shoot… and she even has her own twitter hashtag. Check out #BabyMadison with her sweet smile and fun personality, just a few days after turning 6 months old.  My favorites are the ones where’s looking up in pure wonder. We had so much fun doing this shoot! JE and Emily have had an incredible journey with #BabyMadison, and God has done some amazing things in their lives. It’s been such a blessing to watch their story unfold, and just be friends along the way!

nashville baby photography

Nashville Baby Photographer

Nashville child family Photographer

baby family photography nashville

baby family photography nashville

Baby Philip Photo Shoot

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Because my friends have super cute kids, and in an attempt to take lots and lots of pictures, I’ve been busy with my 50mm lens lately… here’s the latest. Sweet baby Philip, 5 months tomorrow.

Isn’t he precious? I love having the opportunity to catch the adorable expressions of kiddos like Philip and Jenna Grace!

JG Photo Shoot

August 22, 2011 — 3 Comments

Last weekend, I had the chance to take some pics of my niece who’s 6 months old. We had a blast! Here are a few that I took…

A few weeks back, I checked something else off my 30 before 30 list… going to the May Family Reunion. This isn’t just your typical potluck lunch family reunion. This is a 4-day affair. I’m not sure if Nic knew he was marrying into a family reunion this big. It’s been happening for 28 years in the back woods of Mississippi, but because of my work and busy summer schedule, I haven’t been in 8 years. I got to introduce Nic to a lot of extended family who had not yet met him, and our niece, Jenna Grace, was one of the stars of the weekend. At 6 months old, she also made her family reunion debut. Some highlights from the reunion were a long, packed, but fun car ride with Nic, Brittany, and Jenna G; shopping at Hudson’ Dirt Cheap; cooking out with the May-brothers crew; ice cream social; learning a new dice game called LCR; a huge potluck lunch; and playing lots and lots of Ticket to Ride along with Hand and Foot. We had a blast! I took quite a few pics, mostly of JG! Here are a few…

While I haven’t been writing lots and lots of blogs from camp, I have been taking lots and lots of pictures. In fact, I got a sweet new lens for my birthday from the one and only Nic Teasley! So far, I love trying it out and learning new things about it. Here are a few of my favorite pics from camp. Nic took a few of these too!

One of the great benefits of marriage is “inheriting” cool stuff along with the incredible man I married! One of the things Nic brought into our marriage was a DSLR camera. Recently, Mary and I took a little photography class. Before that class, I couldn’t tell you what any of the buttons on my DSLR camera meant, or what those initials stood for… so I would say I learned quite a bit!

I decided to test out what I learned as soon as I could, and lucky for me, I’m an aunt with some super cute nieces! My duties as an aunt have centered around mostly being a photographer, and I love capturing great expressions. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past week. The subjects are Molly and Trey’s daughter Caroline (12 months old) — I am one of her two adopted aunts, and Jeff and Brittany’s daughter Jenna Grace (3 months old – I am her legit aunt).

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